Body Paint Party


Minimum 90 minute party to include time for all the fun we will have in our very own Wet Room here at Love Ranch Vegas. Advance booking required.


Imagine me painting you and you painting me all kinds of colors or your favorite color and then creating art with our bodies on a big piece of paper. Lips, tits, pussy, cock, and ass on a large piece of paper I will sign for you after our party. And while it dries we can have fun on the convenient bed located in the room. Let’s create a mess together. Slipping and sliding in body paint, sounds like fun, right? There are showers galore to wash ourselves off with afterwards. A fun memory you can remember for a lifetime.


Latex Paint Party


Minimum 90 minute party to include time for all the fun we will have in our Wet Room. Advance booking required.


Do you like Latex? Have a fetish with Latex? Similar to the above paint party, we can cover each other in Latex body paint. Let’s get creative! Then we can enjoy some fun time on the bed. Afterwards we can slowly and sensuously peel each other’s latex off. Oh what a feeling! Of course, we can shower to clean up afterwards. Just another fun time and lasting memory you could have in the Wet Room with me!


The Ultimate Blow Job Party


Minimum 30 minute party in my comfy room, with mood lighting and music to your taste.


Do you like Blow Jobs? Is your wife or girlfriend not giving you one, or not good at it? You haven’t had one in a while? Well look no further, I have the perfect party for you!  I can tell you this, you haven’t had my kind of Mind-Blowing Blow Job yet! There is no way to describe just how talented my little tongue really is, you’ll have to come try it for yourself. I’ve had guys tell me the following during and after receiving one from me:


“What are you doing down there? That’s awesome!”


“That was the best blow job in my life! And I’ve had head from countless women in my 83 years! I used to be quite the ladies man in my day and into my 60’s, you know. ”


“Do you have a vibrator in your mouth?” (Not a vibrator folks, just my very talented tongue!)


“Holy crap, that’s amazing! Don’t stop!”


“So that’s what real head feels like!”


“I love that you are slow and make lots of eye contact, you really get into it, and when I want you to speed up, you do, and that tongue never quits!”


Got to have sex with your Blow Job? Upgrade to a…


GFE Party


Minimum one hour in my comfy room with mood lighting and music, you can upgrade to our lovely Honeymoon Suite as well.


GFE to me is about a safe, easy-going connection, good communication, sensuality, passion, and companionship hopefully leading to a lasting friendship. I’ve had many experiences where it’s felt like I’ve known someone my whole life and we’ve only met once. The connection you get with me offers you my emotional availability just as you would get with a real girlfriend. And that connection doesn’t stop here if you don’t want it to. I have many clients from years past that I still talk to whenever they want.


Just think, we can make a whole night of it, have dinner, watch a movie cuddled up in bed (I have quite a selection or bring your own), and some fun after a luxurious massage, you can give me one too if you want. I love massages!


Virgins - Rusty - Newly Divorced or Widowed Party


Minimum one hour party in my room or the Honeymoon Suite.


New to this? I’m a great instructor with patience and understanding. I once had a month with 19, count them, 19 virgins of all ages. It was amazing! I thought for sure I had VIRGIN, PICK ME on my forehead in lineup.


Rusty? I’ll help you climb back on the bike and learn to ride like a pro. You’ll be doing wheelies in no time!


Celebrating the single life again? What better way to jump back in the game? No strings attached, plain, old-fashioned good fun! Except with me there’s nothing plain about it!


2 or More Girl Party


Minimum one hour party in my room or Honeymoon Suite.


I’m strictly dickly folks. Women are beautiful but they do not turn me on to that extent. However I can swing semi-bi if the girl is willing but you’ll have to negotiate that with her. But my two girl parties mainly focus on giving you so much pleasure you will have a hard time walking out the door.  You pick the girl(s) or let me pick them. It’s up to you! You can have as many hands and hot holes to fill as you want. Let’s make it happen!


Couples Party


Again, I’m mainly all about the man when it comes to a Couples Party. Are you a wife that want’s to watch her husband with me? Do you want to help me pleasure him? Do you want pointers on Blow Jobs, positions, communication, etc.? Then I’m your girl! Anything we end up doing will be fun and entertaining.


Exhibitionism Party


I’m an Exhibitionist at heart. I love to be watched! Do you have a fantasy of people watching you do the deed? We can incorporate an audience of the ladies in the house to either throw out suggestions of things for us to do that they want to see, or we can just put on a stellar performance for them.  Whatever your desire, I will fulfill it!


Book a Party with me today! Call Love Ranch Vegas at 775-372-5251, or e-mail me at sharinmoore@loveranch.net to discuss our future Party. I look forward to hearing from you!