My friends and I are in the cities listed on my schedule below.  If I’m in Nevada at either Amargosa Valley or Crystal I’m only available there, I am not available to work in Las Vegas when I’m in Amargosa or Crystal, NV. In September 2016 I started filming a new Reality TV show called The Real Paranormal. My books on Safety in this industry will be out the beginning of 2018. Keep an eye out for it!


Schedule subject to change so keep an eye on my site! This schedule is primarily mine, where it has my friends name it is them with me or them by themselves.


Happy New Year 2018


Jan 1st – 2nd – Butte, MT


Jan 3rd pm – 8th am – Bozeman, MT


Jan 8th – 9th – Butte, MT


Jan 10th pm - 15th am – Bozeman, MT


Jan 15th – 16th – Butte, MT


Jan 17th pm – 20th pm – Billings, MT


Jan 21st – 23rd – Butte, MT


Jan 24th pm – 26th am – Helena, MT


Jan 26th pm – 28th pm – Great Falls, MT


Jan 29th – 30th – Butte, MT


More to come...