My friends and I are in the cities listed on my schedule below.  If I’m in Nevada at either Amargosa Valley or Crystal I’m only available there, I am not available to work in Las Vegas when I’m in Amargosa or Crystal, NV. In September 2016 I started filming a new Reality TV show called The Real Paranormal. My books on Safety in this industry will be out the beginning of 2018. Keep an eye out for it!


Schedule subject to change so keep an eye on my site! This schedule is primarily mine, where it has my friends name it is them with me or them by themselves.


Happy New Year 2017!!! 


Jan 1st – Jan 10th – Butte, MT


Jan 11th – 13th – Missoula, MT


Jan 13th pm – 15th am – Kalispell, MT


Jan 15th pm – 17th – Butte, MT


Jan 18th pm – 20th am - Great Falls, MT


Jan 20th pm – 22nd am – Helena, MT


Jan 22nd pm – 24th – Butte, MT


Jan 25th pm – 27th am – Bozeman, MT


Jan 27th pm – 29th am – Billings, MT


Jan 30th pm – Feb 2nd am – Telluride, CO


Feb 2nd pm -  5th am – Aspen, CO


Feb 5th pm – 8th am – Vail, CO


Feb 8th pm – 11th am – Breckenridge, CO


Feb 12th – 21st – Butte, MT


Feb 22nd pm – 24th am – Bozeman, MT


Feb 24th pm – 26th am – Billings, MT


Feb 26th – 28th – Butte, MT


Mar 2nd pm – 6th am – Telluride, CO


Mar 6th pm – 10th am – Aspen, CO


Mar 10th pm – 14th am – Vail, CO


Mar 14th pm – 18th am – Steamboat Springs, CO


Mar 18th pm – 22nd am – Breckenridge, CO (Ginger w/me)


Mar 22nd – 27th – Vail, CO (Ginger only)


Mar 23rd – Apr 4th – Butte, MT (Sharin only)


Apr 6th pm – 10th am – Telluride, CO (Ginger w/me)


Apr 10th pm – 14th am – Aspen, CO (Ginger w/me)


Apr 14th pm – 18th am – Vail, CO (Ginger w/me)


Apr 18th pm – 22nd am – Steamboat Springs, CO (Ginger w/me)


Apr 22nd pm – 26th am – Breckenridge, CO (Ginger w/me)


Apr 27th – 28th – Butte, MT


Apr 29th pm – May 2nd am – Helena, MT


May 2nd pm – 5th am – Great Falls, MT


May 5th pm – 8th am – Missoula, MT


May 8th – 9th – Butte, MT


May 10th pm – 13th am – Bozeman, MT


May 13th pm – 16th am – Billings, MT


May 16th pm – 19th am – Watford City, ND


May 19th pm – 22nd am – Williston, ND


May 22nd pm – 25th am – Minot, ND


May 25th pm – 28th am – Grand Forks, ND


May 28th pm – 31st am – Fargo, ND


May 31st pm – Jun 3rd am – Bismarck, ND


Jun 3rd pm - 6th am – Dickinson, ND


Jun 6th – 20th – Butte, MT


Jun 21st pm – 23rd am – Helena, MT


Jun 23rd pm – 26th am – Great Falls, MT


Jun 28th pm – Jul 1st am – Bozeman, MT


Jul 1st pm – 3rd am – Billings, MT


Jul 3rd – 7th – Butte, MT


Jul 8th – Traveling


Jul 9th pm – 12th am – Telluride, CO


Jul 12th pm – 14th am – Aspen, CO


Jul 14th pm – 17th am – Las Vegas, NV


Jul 17th – 18th – Butte, MT


Jul 19th pm – 22nd am – Bozeman, MT


Jul 22nd pm – 24th am – Billings, MT


Jul 24th pm – 27th am – Watford City, ND


Jul 27th pm – 30th am – Williston, ND


Jul 30th pm – Aug 2nd am – Minot, ND


Aug 2nd pm – 4th am – Grand Forks, ND


Aug 4th pm – 6th am – Fargo, ND


Aug 6th pm – 8th am – Bismarck, ND


Aug 8th pm – 10th am – Dickinson, ND


Aug 10th – 15th – Butte, MT


Aug 16th pm – 19th am – Helena, MT


Aug 19th pm – 21st am – Great Falls, MT


Aug 21st – 24th – Butte, MT


Aug 25th pm – 28th am – Missoula, MT


Aug 28th – 29th – Butte, MT


Aug 30th pm – Sept 2nd am – Bozeman, MT


Sept 2nd pm – 5th am – Williston, ND


Sept 5th pm – 8th am – Watford City, ND


Sept 8th pm – 11th am – Dickinson, ND


Sept 11th pm – 12th am – Bismarck, ND


Sept 13th – 20th – Butte, MT


Sept 21st pm – 24th am - Bismarck, ND


Sept 24th pm – 27th am – Fargo, ND


Sept 27th pm – 30th am – Grand Forks, ND


Sept 30th pm – Oct 3rd am – Minot, ND


Oct 3rd pm – 6th am – Williston, ND


Oct 6th pm – 9th am – Watford City, ND


Oct 9th pm – 12th am – Dickinson, ND


Oct 13th – 18th – Butte, MT


Oct 18th pm – 21st am – Helena, MT


Oct 21st pm – 23rd am – Great Falls, MT


Oct 24th – 26th – Butte, MT


Oct 27th pm – 30th am – Missoula, MT


Oct 31st – Nov 1st – Butte, MT


Nov 2nd pm – 5th am – Bozeman, MT


Nov 5th pm – 7th am – Billings, MT


Nov 7th pm – 10th am – Dickinson, ND


Nov 10th pm – 13th am – Bismarck, ND


Nov 13th pm – 16th am – Fargo, ND


Nov 16th pm – 19th am - Grand Forks, ND


Nov 19th pm – 22nd am– Minot, ND


Nov 23rd – 25th – Butte, MT


Nov 26th pm – 30th am – Williston, ND


Nov 30th pm – Dec 3rd am – Watford City, ND


Dec 4th – 9th – Butte, MT


Dec 10th pm – 14th am – Helena, MT


Dec 14th pm – 17th am – Great Falls, MT


Dec 18th – 20th – Butte, MT


Dec 21st pm – 24th am – Missoula, MT


Dec 25th – 26th Butte, MT


Dec 27th pm – 30th am – Bozeman, MT


Dec 30th pm – Jan 2nd – Billings, MT


More to come...


Keep an eye on my site for future locations.