If you've seen me or are planning to see me at Love Ranch Vegas, please write me a review on the Bunny Message Boards. I need Brothel reviews! I’m new to Love Ranch Vegas as of January 2016, so haven’t collected any yet, not everyone writes reviews, but give me time, I’m sure they are coming!


Prior to Brothel work starting in September 2013, I was an independent escort off and on over the past 20 years, I’ve been in the industry for just over 12 years total, the past almost 3 years I’ve been in various Brothels. Currently you can find me at Love Ranch Vegas.


A thing or two you should know before reading the below reviews, before I was Sharin, I was Helen, some of my older reviews refer to me as Helen. Keep in mind most of these are from my time in Florida. However there are also reviews from other states and cities I toured in the last 3 years. In Illinois, Ohio, and for a time in Florida I had a partner named Karyn. Yep, Sharin and Karyn for whatever city we were in, cute right?  She retired to do other things in 2013 and still lives in Florida, but remains my close friend to this day. As per my Specialties page, I do offer two girl parties, and am friends with all of the girls at Love Ranch Vegas Lovers, so you pick, I pick, it’s up to you!


Also you should note that before the Brothels came into my life I used to kiss, however I do not offer that anymore. Statistics are scary, I’ve learned a lot about safety. Just because I was lucky for years, I do not want to tempt fate upon risking myself again. And if you think about it, it’s safer for you too. Lifelong diseases can be caught from kissing. Just because we get tested weekly doesn’t mean we are safe, if we swap fluids with you, we do it with others. Think about it. You may not be the only customer that week. At least with me I can guarantee your safety, this is really speaking to the married men, the men with girlfriends, and the men that agree with me. I am still a very passionate, enthusiastic, and caring lover, you don’t have to swap fluids to have a safe and great experience, nor to be considered GFE, cause as you’ll see in the reviews GFE is an attitude and my passion is still evident after I changed my rules.


Alas, I had not saved my reviews from the previous Brothel I worked in, nor the reviews from my past independent work when in my 20’s, however, I have over 90 reviews online, below is one review site for independent escorts that covers my past 6 years of independent escort work since getting back into the business in my 30’s. The links to them, and the other sites containing my reviews, are at the very bottom of this page. But I believe there is enough to read below that will give you a sense of the type of person that I am.  I tried to keep it clean, but I just couldn’t resist a few sentences.


The following are excerpts from some of the reviews that can be found online from one of the top review sites:


June 2015 – by Rjornd


“She was very pleasant to talk to and made me relax a bit. It was as if I were talking to a friend I had known for years. The next time she's in my area, I would definitely utilize her services again.”


“As normal, I was a little nervous at first, since this was my first time with her. After entering the hotel room, I could smell her sweet perfume. The feeling of her arms around me when she hugged me after walking through the door were like the embrace of a comfortable hammock swinging in shade between two trees.

“After a brief amount of small talk, we began to undress. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. She's a beautiful lady inside and out. She was very gentle about explaining her rules to me, which involved no exchanging of bodily fluids (no kissing, licking, etc).“


“True to her standards, that release led to the invitation to cuddle for a while. She said she loves to cuddle afterwards, which, as you might imagine, she doesn't get to do very often due to some of her client's time schedules.”


June 2015 – by Calimick5


“She is smart, hot, sexy, and fun, treat her right.”


March 2015 – by Captaindave


“Sharin is a classy beautiful gal. When I arrived, she opened the door and she was dressed in a clingy dress that showed off her assets. WOW! She gave a warm hug and nice subtle kiss to welcome me. She is very sensual and takes her time warming you up She is sexy, great face, lips and breasts. Definitely Recommend!”


February 2015 – by Kapena


“Sharin was an easy date, simple, professional and enjoyable. I'd repeat and highly recommend. The condom could have been a deal breaker. But she seemed so horny and easily came that It changed my mind altogether. Had that been different, I might feel different today. But I enjoyed our time and would do her again. What an outstanding fuck she was.”


November 2014 – by Jhnray


“Sharin is an experienced provider and is keen on safety - both LE and health and I can appreciate that here in HI, where it seems that local providers on Backpage are sketchy. For the health side, she insisted on no exchanging of body fluids of any kind. No kissing on the mouth, CBJ, and using a dental dam when I went down on her. I was not sure about the dental dam, but it actually was not that bad. She was very receptive both times I went down on her and I got the feeling that the sensation was similar for her.”


“Overall, I enjoyed meeting with Sharin as she was genuinely into the session and much more professional to deal with than many local providers I had previously met. I will try to catch her again the next time she is back in Hawaii.”


March 2014 – by Greekpro


“So when she entered my hotel room, she was more beautiful in person than in her photos, wearing a beautiful clingy light grey dress accentuating her fantastic athletic body. Once the business side was complete the fireworks began. She was everything and more than my expectations.” 


“Guys, she is a fabulous provider and a real warm sweetheart who is very bright, yet is very natural while being a knockout. Treat her like the special jewel she is. I definitely want to see her again and again !”


February 2014 – by Tickler0069


“I have been seeing Sharin for over 1 year, and even though she has changed some of her rules, her service is still one of the top I have ever experienced. She no longer does total GFE, but guys let me tell you it does not impact her amazing attitude and enjoyment of how she performs. She no longer kisses, and if you want to go down on her, she requirese dental dam, which I will admit takes some getting used to, but she still explodes and enjoyes and appreciates the extra attention and effort it takes.”


“She has an amazingly sexy body, smooth skin, and incredible curves.” 


“She never watches the clock, she asked if I could hang around and chat for a while, I was happy to accomodate her request, Guys - Even though she does no longer swap body fluid (and I have to admit it truely is safer!) She is an amazing lady you have to go see! Once you do, I can guarantee you will come back!!”


January 2014 – by Jim.Yeates


“Sharin is super hot and her service it excellent. Easy to get in touch with and she is great on the phone. It is a bit of a drive from west side of Orlando but well worth it. Looking forward to next visit when she returns from Nevada. She is the best provider I have met to this point and she is non rushed and worth it.”


“I can't wait to go back to see her. Worth the drive and money.”


August 2013 – by Likestohavefun


 “Was in Vegas, scoured the ads looking for some fun, noticed a Florida girl, not sure why but made feel at ease and had seen her ads have to becareful where ever you are. Made contact via email, then spoke , her hotel was close to mine. This lady has a body, you wished your wife or girlfriend had...................had a great time very down to earth. Would repeat with her where ever she is”


August 2013 – by Vinceo9077


“Saw the good reviews and was looking to find someone nice near Melbourne. Saw many great reviews for sharin and decided to make the drive to her incall about 45 min from either Melbourne or Orlando. Was very glad I did.”


“I certainly found what I was looking for - great GFE service near Melbourne. She is 37 but is much younger looking and just gorgeous. Very smart lady. Who clearly likes what she does and it shows. Looking forward to the next trip to central Florida.”


August 2013 – by Nous404


“While on vacation in Florida, I decided to seek out my first escort. I went to Backpage and came across Sharin's ad, which included a link to her website. Her website is so informative and helpful for someone new to this hobby as myself that I felt I could trust her and that she would be entirely professional. I completed her contact form late in the AM and she responded well before noon the same day. She called me an hour before our meet to provide directions and off I was. I wound up seeing her two more times before I left Florida, I enjoyed being with her so much. Sharin is a true treasure and not to miss if you’re in her area.”


“Sharin was my first escort, an absolutely incredible woman to introduce me to this hobby. She provided a GFE that I could only have dreamed of. She's a genuinely fun, interesting person and I hope to get to spend more time with her in the future.”


August 2013 – by Lethecerebus


“I had a great time & look forward to seeing her again. She is a treat.”


“It was just a great relaxing and enjoyable break that I wished was longer. My fault, not hers. Sharin never rushed me in any way and didn't even look at the donation while I was there. I will repeat when she is in town & our schedules allow.”


August 2013 – by Golfer3354


“She looks much better in person and has a remarkable body. Non-VIP's I WILL repeat.”


“this woman is fabulous and now my a ATF.”


July 2013 – by JohnInCentralFL


“She is way better looking and hotter than her pics as other reviews state.”


“Great Value, Worth The Trip to the far east side. Tremendous service with a very special talent.”


“Very sweet nice girl that can make you cum a bucket” 


“Well worth the drive. Will repeat.”


June 2013 – by 22DC


“Had always wanted to see Sharin and I was glad that I did when she was in town a few months ago. I will definitely repeat when our schedules match. She screens and might possibly be the nicest provider I have been with.” 


“I will be seeing her again when she comes into town if I can make the time. Thanks Sharin!”


June 2013 – by P666666


“Was in town for business and came across Sharin's ad. Emailed her and she responded within half an hour. We agreed on a time in the afternoon, and she sent directions to her place. When she opened her door, I was happy to see that her pictures are real, she's really cute. “


“It was the greatest sensual encounter I've had. I'm trying to see her again soon.”


June 2013 – by Droopydog


“Sharin is a sweet girl and I had a great time. Will see her again and I definately recommend her.”


June 2013 – by Fudge23


“Sharin is an exquisite young lady with a hint of being mischievous. Her age belies her looks and energy. A true gem that should be honored and respected. She is my ATF!”


“Her images do not justice to her super sexy body and her smile will light up a room. My goodness, one really knows why Greek goddesses were so admired!”


“I doubt whether I have climaxed that hard since my teenage years!”

“After a warm clean up Sharin lay on top of me and we shared that intimate time as lovers do. Did an hour and a half just go by?” 

“With a fond embrace we said our farewells and a brief moment of my life has been cast in stone.”

“This lady is special. She is unique. Sharin is a jewel. Oh! To be the one that she calls 'my love!”


June 2013 – by Courtesanlover


“She is an amazing woman. Sexy, sweet and seductive. I quit smoking almost a year ago, I wanted to smoke afterwards. She is very caring and attentive. Definitely a great provider. Makes you feel totally comfortable in every way. Totally non rushed, I think I was there even a little longer than agreed upon. Highly recommend. Will for sure see her again. Her pics do not do her justice. She has the body of a very athletic college student, its rock hard. She has a very exotic look to her and her piercing eyes are breathtaking.”


May 2013 – by K1cobraa


“As soon as we got into her place, she made me relaxed immediately. This woman is extremely friendly, genuine, unbelievably sexually charged and passionate.”


“I will definitely see Sharin again. She made me feel like we knew each other for years and even upon my departure made it seem like it was anything but business.“

“A must see at least one time if your into an older woman who still has the body of a 20 something and performs like a porn star but without the act.”


May 2013 – by Tangomikey


“This was my first time in the hobby. Called her, made my appointment a couple weeks out. Sharin is easy to get a hold of and returns calls quickly. Drove out from downtown Orlando.....when I got to her place, she opened the door, wearing a long sleek, fitted dress....nice. I was very happy to see how attractive she was.....her body and her face both went beyond my expectations. I was very nervous....but she did all the right things to make me feel at ease.....not generally a booty man,'s did excel....round, firm, toned and soft. Her entire body was extremely soft to the touch...... I understand that she is in her upper 30's...hard to believe....I would have pegged her age closer to about 30.....highly recommend and WILL repeat!”


“I will be returning and look forward to exploring her in more detail. This one is a keeper!”


May 2013 – by Brianmulane


“Sharin is an experienced provider. Her previous reviews are accurate and is a good provider.”


“Shes a good time for the price and I would repeat.”


May 2013 – by Biscuit1234


“Then I realized that I was going to spend the next hour with this hot box. Tits are outstanding and so is that ass. And she is beautiful. No way I would guess she is 37. Maybe 30. Remember when u go to right a review and you say pictures was 7-10 years old. Not the case with Sharin. I can't say enough about her. I know now that all my other experiences were shit.” 


“Then we talked. Actually went 5-10 minutes over with no worries. Very friendly. She is gfe. The only difference is that she can handle the cock. Wow.”


April 2013 - Ssmithplay


“More cuddling and it was time for me to leave. We actually went past our hour. She is not a clock watcher and is super eager to please. Sharin really enjoys her work. I will definitely be seeing her again.” 


April 2013 – by Xsanime


“Sharin is an amazing woman. Being a first timer, she helped me through the process of setting the date. First timers definitely should see this woman. Non-VIPs The evening was fantastic, I will be repeating.” 


“I was completely satisfied. Even with time running late, (I DATY'd for a long time). We laid together on the bed talking for a good amount of time past the length of the session. I can't wait to see her again.”


April 2013 – by Mellow69


“Sharin is a very nice, good looking, and a well put together lady. She was very friendly”


“I will repeat and recommend to anyone who doesn't want to feel rushed or just a number.”


“I would rate her a GFE and ATF and wish I had a girl friend like her. Definitely a keeper and worth the price.”


March 2013 – by Nothingtodoathome


“I planned a visit for when I would be on east side, but she is way out there even from the east side. Easy communication via text and voice got me to her place. Nice session with a good looking nice lady.“


“The bed is not the sturdiest, so we made it fly around the room. Nice girl with a great body. Worth repeating, and I would probably be a regular if she wasn't so far away.”


March 2013 – by Tresdur


“Made another appointment with Sharin a few days before but was running very late for an afternoon session and called to cancel. I didn't want to do this because I wanted to see her again before I left town. Sharin said give me a couple of minutes. She called back a few minutes later and said we were still on. She had pushed back something for later just to accommodate me. Gents this woman is special. Just another add to her wonderful service. Non VIPs I not only would repeat but if I was full time in her area I would have several appointments per month set up in advance.”


March 2013 – by Islandman142


“I was satisfied with a great time and we chatted afterwards. One thing I noticed about Sharin is that she has skin that is incredibly soft. She went the extra mile for me and I appreciate it. I may not be 18, but I certainly felt younger. I will visit her again. Please treat her nice as she is very sweet and a great experience.”


March 2013 – by Oversixty


“Sharin revisited. I am leaving this area shortly and have been back to Sharin several times since my last review and I want to stress how great she is to spend time with. I have seen others before her and since but they can not compare to what she is and does.”


“I urge first timers to start with the best...that is Sharin.”


“BONUS: If Sharin does not provide what you want she will help you find it. She cares about your pleasure and safety.
Enjoy her...I have many times and I doubt anyone has been disappointed. Book early she is popular but well worth waiting for.”


March 2013 – by RatioScripta


“Sharin was very easy to reach and very accommodating on scheduling. Screening was fairly easy and, while her incall is a bit of a drive, it was easy to find. I went up to the door and was greeted by Sharin, I'll join the other reviewers that mentioned that she's better looking in person. For some reason, her pictures gave me the impression that her face may look a bit older, definitely not the case! The body is amazing and Sharin is one sexy woman! Sharin is absolutely worth the trip!”


“Sharin's a hottie and seems to enjoy what she does, I'd definitely return!”


March 2013 – by Wendy3


“Run, don't walk to see Sharin. I have been seeing Sharin for several years and she gets better every time if that is possible. She is my ATF and I wish I could keep her all to myself. She has a body of a teenager and a very attractive face as well.”


“From the get go, she treats you like a girlfriend you have not seen in a long while. Sharin will do whatever it takes to make you leave with a smile on your face and wanting to come back for more.”


“I was spent and said my goodbye as a happy, happy camper. I will continue to see Sharin and only Sharin as long as she is available.”


March 2013 – by Greyghost1948


“She is a lot hotter looking in person really toned, tanned with barely perceivable tan lines and a very cute face as well. Four tattoos do not detract from her awesome appearance. She arrived at my hotel casually dressed but looking hot too, a tiny thong underneath and a matching supportive bra that was really unnecessary.” 


“I would recommend her.”


February 2016 – by Redondorunner


“As I was walking up to the front door, it opened and a very good looking woman was peeking out of the opening. I was amazed at how beautiful Sharin is and her body....forget about it!!! Top notch all the way. What an amazing ass on this woman along with nice man mades to top it all off. Her body is very athletic although she said she never exercises.”


“Sharin is definitely worth repeating though and I think she's the type that get better as she gets more comfortable with a client.”


February 2013 – by Tmm2433


“This is the second time I saw Sharin. Would see her many more times if she didn't live so far away from me. It is a drive from Orlando to her location, but was well worth it.”


“Again I would definitely repeat. But, maybe not for awhile just because of the drive.”


February 2013 – by Whizbang_guy


“All I can say is WoW (think of a stripper body WoW). Sharin will probably be my new ATF. I was so nervous at first, but she is very easy to talk to. This is my first time seeing Sharin and won't be my last.”


“I got dressed, and Sharin saw me to the door (still completely naked). Again. Damn. She has a hot body. When in Orlando, Sharin is a must-see.”


January 2013 – by Schooner1112


“I have seen Sharin's ads online for quite some time and always wanted to get together with her, but she's kind of out of the way in the middle of nowhere - Christmas, FL. That's comfortably east of Orlando, about 10 miles west of Titusville. But you don't see many bodies as nice as hers online that seem to be real providers (she has a website with a nice gallery), so I finally decided to give her a call. I glad I did! Sharin is a keeper.” 


“we spent way over 30 minutes together. In fact, it was closer to the hour. But she was completely unrushed. Never looked at her watch or made mention that my time was almost up. That was refreshing, because most providers who boast of unrushed sessions in their ads are full of B.S. and blurt out that you only have 5 minutes left while you're in the middle of having sex with them, which really kills the moment. But not Sharin. She was not only unrushed, but afterward, did not demand or ask for more money for the extra time. She told me I could leave a tip for her if I'd like”


“I swear, I didn't want to leave. At that point, I was almost ready to take her back to the bedroom. Sharin definitely raised the bar for me, regarding what to expect from other providers. After this experience, I definitely think I'll be more picky. And of course, I will see Sharin”


January 2013 – by Highflyerz9


“My first ever escort and it's hard to believe any would be better. Easy-going, tension-free, no rush, and what a body! She's all there, all the time, gazing into your eyes. Pictures don't do her justice. Much prettier in person! As I was driving away from her home that first time, I knew I had to see her again. So nine days later I returned. She wore a long, summer dress and when we hugged and kissed at the door, it was clear that was all she was wearing. Standing there in the living room, fully clothed, it was hard to pull away to walk to the bedroom. But we somehow managed...”


“Afterwards we cuddled and then all too soon it was time to go. Once again, I left knowing I'll see her again.”


December 2012 – by Enos9


“I had an extra night in Orlando so I contacted Sharin to see if she was available. Lucky for me everything worked out and I was able to see her that night. She gave me directions to a meeting place and then led me back to her place. We talked for a bit and got to know each other. She was wearing a sexy tight lightweight dress that showed off her fantastic body and we began a slow deep kiss that really set the mood for the things to come. It was the start of a great evening that I will definitely want to repeat.”


“after a while we just laid there kissing and caressing and talking until it was time to go. We got dressed and she gave me another great goodby DFK as I left. I had the time of my life and will definitely be back.”


November 2012 – by Mikaeles


“I was ready to go before the bedroom door even closed. She will have your heart racing as soon as you see her!”


“This is one to see don't miss her you will be hard pressed to find someone better and more gracious to meet you!”


“My advice do yourself a favor and see this amazing woman as soon as you can! If you read this Sharin Thank You very much for what maybe the best two hours of my life!”


November 2012 – by Hotgreenchilli


This is a bogus review. The guy was mad he broke my rules about safety when contacting me and I refused to see him. Some people thank me for saving their ass from getting arrested others get pissed they don’t get to see me after making a mistake. This is my one and only false review. The website refused to remove it when I contacted them. If you choose to find it to read it, after reading all the others before and after it, you can spot the lies. You can tell he doesn’t really know how I am in a session.


October 2012 – by Josh2021


“She is very pretty and her pictures on her website are accurate.”


“I had a great time, very enjoyable.”


October 2012 – by Edwin0001


“After reading Sharin's excellent reviews I decided to give her a call.“


“She opened the door casually dressed and I was impressed with her figure and pleased with her face, which is blurred out in her photos. She offered me a water and led me to the bedroom, where I left my donation and made myself comfortable. As she disrobed I was even more impressed with her tight body. Then the fun began. I would repeat.”


September 2012 – by EE58


“She reminds me of a brunette Cameron Diaz with a better body.“


“I ended up staying the entire hour and she did not complain or look at the clock. She keeps her attention on you the entire time. Will defiantly repeat.”


September 2012 – by Mtnguymark


“Let me start by saying her pictures don't do her justice...she's even more beautiful in person. She has a tight flexible dancers body and perfect breasts. I'm a legs and buns guy and her legs are outstanding...her buns are absolutely perfect. Her personality is wonderful. She's really fun to be with and she's one of the best kissers I've had the pleasure of locking lips with.”


“Sharin met me at the door of her in-call wearing a welcoming smile, a sleeveless T-top and daisy dukes that highlighted her amazing buns. She's very easy to talk to and quite comfortable to be with. I immediately felt a connection with her as we made small talk at the beginning of the session.”


“Overall, this was one of the most memorable sexual experiences I've had...Sharin is absolutely incredible. If you can see her, do and treat her with the kindness and respect she deserves.”


September 2012 – by WetKiss4her


“WOW! I wanted to get this in asap so gents could attempt to make a date with Sharin before she leaves Cleveland (early Friday). Call her know!!!!!!!”


“I had such an excellent time I forgot it was a service. I am not even certain on the order or our game play. I would have take notes for you gentleman, but I was busy having such a great time. Sharin is a true GFE. I hope she comes back to the Cleveland area often. Just call her right now!”


September 2012 – by Ted491


“Let begin by saying WOW! Sharin is beautiful, personable and is built like a brick shit house; and she is very comfortable in her own skin. Having read previous reviews, I had the incorrect impression that she might be a little stand-off-ish. Couldn't have been more wrong. She made me feel welcomed and comfortable right from the start. Treat her like the lady she is, gents. She is an absolute keeper. I highly recommend Sharin without reservation.”


“Being with Sharin was an excellent experience. My only problem was self-Induced, as I only booked for a half hour. My big mistake.” 


August 2012 – by Steamtrain98


“Saw Sharin twice this summer while she and her friend Karyn were touring Chicago. She's very easy to get a hold of and is easily one of the most laid back providers I've ever been with. If you looked up the definition of "nymphomaniac" online, you'd find links to her website and reviews. It's killing me that she spends the winter down south, because I'd be seeing her regularly if she were a permanent resident of the windy city. I will DEFINITELY be repeating when she comes back next spring.”


“As I came, Sharin wraps her arms around me and made me forget all the stress I might have had before seeing her.”

“I can't say enough how amazing Sharin is. It's killing me that she won't be back to Chicago until next year. I might just have to find a reason to go down to Florida if for nothing else than the best blowjob I've ever had.”


August 2012 – by Seavanston


“Sharin was always pleasant on the phone and delivered as promised. Would definitely repeat and would highly recommend.”


“I will visit again when she is back in the area.”


 July 2012 – by Mickeyfmann


“As I said this was my first time so I was more than a little nervous, she was very understanding and helpful with this. We started with some kissing and some gentle rubbing. After a few minutes of that she asked if I wanted to get more comfortable, of course I agreed but once she took her clothes off my heart was racing.”


“She's truly gifted here, she kept going for at least a half an hour I think until I couldn't hold it in anymore. That was as far as I went, she was willing to keep the session going but I was more than pleased with what I had so far and decided to save a little for next time. Next time she's in town I might make a date with her and her friend Karyn.”


July 2012 – by 4mikessake


“This is for Sharin and well overdue. I had been looking to see 1 or both of them but time and funds only permitted a half hour but it was well worth it.”


“I highly recommend!!!!!”


July 2012 – by Miker1908


“Sharin is my ATF... second to none.  Non-VIPs, she is a sweetheart, a real person, and genuinely wants to make your experience the best possible.”


“I walked in the door and even before I could get the donation on the table, Sharin had walked up and gave me a DFK like we'd known eachother for years and she hasn't seen me for weeks.” 


“My goodness.... I left speechless.... it was that fantastic!!!”


July 2012 – by Jtt300


“Nice MILF who provides a nice experience.”


“Sharin is an attractive MILF with a nice body.”


“I will see again.”


June 2012 – by Md777


“I was visiting Chicago and had been reviewing Provider verification sites for providers with reviews. Sharin scored on all three.” 


“Sharin is a spinner, a hard body, well toned MILF - my favorite type of women.” 


“Most of her reviews are 8's & 9's.” 


June 2012 – by 1641492


“Sharin is Must see if you like good looking middle age women with a body of a twenty year old. Will repeat”


June 2012 – by Rockster253


“Easy to meet and eager to please. I Arrived late and she didn't mind.” 


“Felt like an old friend.” 


“she is definitely A repeat and better looking in person. Don't miss out”


“Time flew by and she was pleasant the whole time. Didn't rush me out and made a little small talk. Loves what she does and it shows. Can you say REPEAT”


June 2012 – by Fjdksla;


“Read a lot of good reviews for Sharin. Although she is slightly older very athletic body, you can tell she keeps in shape. Typical two call system and does offer to bring in partner. I would definitely repeat”


“Wasn't looking for fs which I know she provides but wanted to test her oral skills. I have to say i wasn't disappointed. I honestly think she was skittle upset we weren't going to take it any further. But at the same time her performance was exceptional.” 


“I was looking for something quick but next time I'll make sure I have time. And maybe have her partner join.”


June 2012 – by Tofumarmot


“This was my third time seeing Sharin, had seen her the first time with Karyn which was an absolutely amazing experience, but had enjoyed Sharin's skills more so I knew I would need to see her alone at least a couple of times to fully enjoy her. She's very friendly and makes it quite clear that she really really enjoys what she does. I had requested a certain article of clothing for this session and she was more than happy to oblige. She arrived on time, dressed down as I requested. I let her in gave her a good hug and kiss and we went to the bedroom.”


“Go see her. She is the real deal. She told me straight up that she's a nymphomaniac and it's completely true. She instigates the majority of the action and really enjoys showing off how good she is at pleasuring her lover. You can tell this girl thinks about sex and having all the time.”


June 2012 - by Killerklown


“She was wearing tight jeans and a tight shirt which really showed her "fine figure". This woman is beautiful. Make-up with very, very pretty eyes that sparkle when she smiles.”


“We talked about giving girls reviews and I admitted I've been lapsing in doing so. Well not this time, I had to give her what she deserves. We kissed which is something I love to do and she did not disappoint. This lady is a great kisser. We kissed for a while I let my hands wander. I was really intimidated by her beauty. This has never happened before.”


“She says she will be here for a while and I'll be back for more. I even want to see her with her partner if I can handle them together. Guys, be nice to her, she deserves respect. She is why I'm still in this game.”


June 2012 – by Chibushman


“She has been in the business for a while and it clearly shows .. she is classy, on time, freshly showered and pays attention to your needs.” 


“She opened the door and I immediately knew I had made the right decision. She is beautiful and has a really tight body that could put women half her age to shame.....she loves DFK and it shows ... I had a very long week and did not really want a very high powered appointment, I just wanted to de-stress and Sharin was the perfect lady to make that happen.” 


“I got dressed chatted with her for a while and left a happy man. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to see her again soon.”


June 2012 – Phil07


“Wow, great service, great girl. Clean hotel room. This girl is model material. Well worth the money. Will definitely repeat. Non-vips, make sure you catch her before she leaves.”


“It was great GFE experience. Will definitely repeat.”


June 2012 – by Bthom60


“Called for a one on one appointment and made arrangements for later that day. I arrived, called and got room number. Knocked and was greeted by a good looking woman with a killer body. We FK a little and started to disrobe as I laid the donation on a nearby table. She didn't even look at it. We went to DFK and she loved this. The fun was just we lay down on the bed.”


“This woman is a true GFE who acts and plays like you wish your girlfriend would.” 


May 2012 – by Lewashby65


“I was very glad that i called her she may be older but she has the body of a 22 year old and provides a great gfe.”


“Was greeted at the door by a beautiful woman who had an amazing body and a easy going attitude. We started with a hug and then she gave me a nice slow kiss. I set the donation on the dresser and she didn't even count it or give it a second look. We continued kissing with our cloths on as i ran my hands down her nice tight firm body. After a few minutes of kissing we both got undressed and moved to the bed. Wow she was even better looking than her pictures and with her cloths off she was amazing. Had great fake tits and the body of a much young girl.”


“What an amazing girl she is in town till September go see her before its too late. We both got dressed talked for a few minutes and i was out the door with a huge smile on my face.”


May 2012 – by Ter815


“First, she looks even better in person than her pics. Her body is very well tanned and tight (that's not the only thing that is tight on her).”


“Wrapped up the session, kisses and hugs as I walked out the door. I'd repeat for sure!”


May 2012 – by Whodatdog


“Had contacted Helen a couple of months before a business trip to Florida to set up date. Verified date after arriving in Florida. Drove to Christmas. Guys this was truly a Christmas treat. Would really like to repeat if I get back to that area. Highly recommend.”


“Very understanding and was all about me being satisified.” 


“She is not in a hurry and wants to please at all times. I was hoping to see her again the following day but my schedule did not work out. I knew that if possible I would repeat with Helen as often as I could. I have been in this hobby for a couple of years and I have never met a person as nice as Helen. I wish her the best in what ever she decides to do in the future. She is really a super person, treat her nice because she is truly a lady you could fall in love with.”


May 2012 – by ChiLive


“This woman is way hotter than I had expected. Her attitude and looks go hand in hand and coupled with her talented experience made for what was one of my most memorable experiences in my life. She has a skill that I had never experienced before that sets her above anyone I have ever been with. The night started off GFE and the entire time was unrushed. She is a definite repeat for me...”


“She is very thin yet athletic with model knockout looks. She is in her mid 30's with the skills of a 40-something year old and a body of a 20 year old. Her face and eyes are super sexy and she has very smooth skin and her body is completely tight making for a perfect eye candy when she is naked from front and behind.“


“she was very comfortable to get along with. It was as if we were real friends making passionate love. Yes, she is without a doubt, a true GFE. She is not just a GFE though, she is a GFE that guys would want more than the average GFE if you know what I mean. She is the girl you want even after you are married and your wife is doing everything to you anyway ;) You still want this one!”

“Just when I think I have seen or experienced it all, Sharin comes along and blows my mind! She has become my #1 model type unrushed hardcore GFE and well worth many more visits. Maybe I will try her friend with her next time but she is the only one on my mind. She is well worth the GFE and the donation amount. Definite R!E!P!E!A!T!”


May 2012 – by Snowdon519


“Wow!! Good choice. She is super, super hot with a phenomenal body for mid-thirties type.”


“But if you have the chance see this hot sexy lady either way.”


April 2012 – by Scottncmahalo


“She led me into the bedroom and then totally made me feel comfortable. She quickly undressed to reveal a nicely tanned youthful tight body for her age (she is proud of her sexy tan lines). Then the fun began....”


“She had a great attitude and aims to please”


April 2012 – by Storm1299


“Helen is a well established provider, she is genuine and just what you see on her web site pics are 100 percent her. She is very experienced in what she does with a great personality” 


“I am glad I made the trip and will definitely return for longer next time.”


April 2012 – by Flasun31


“If you want a terrific GFE who is more that willing to please, then definitely go see Helen.”


“Time was almost up and I was spent. We caught a little more with some chit chat and she sent me on my way with another kiss. All in all, another great visit with Helen.”


March 2012 – by 809654


“she was very generous with her time, certainly not in a rush. All my wishes were met and I think she was satisfied with by my efforts as well. It is important to me that my partner is as pleased as I. I will definitely see Helen again when I am in the area.”


“As there was still plenty of time remaining, she was very insistent that I not run off. We cuddled, kissed and talked. She was most interesting as well as interested in learning a bit about me. This is definitely a repeat!”


February 2012 - Teddebare


“she’s worth the drive and I will repeat”


“I enjoyed every bit. She really gets into her work, self proclaimed nympho. And I agree, you wont be disappointed, I will be back for more soon”


February 2012 – by Drumnbike


“It just keeps getting better…. I have seen this wonderful woman several times now and I have reviewed her several times, but it is definitely worth noting that she is a keeper and you will want to repeat…. like me!”

“Helen is as sexual and sensual as they come and quickly makes you feel at ease….“


“Helen sets the bar above many others and I can’t get enough of this delightful woman alone.“


“Now that I have had the pleasure of seeing this lady a few times, we are much more relaxed with each other and my god it keeps getting better with her!“


“I lay exhausted and pleasured and a grin across my face for hours after – while wanting more yet.”

“Gents – treat the woman right. She is 1 in a million and more.”


January 2012 – by EtheEagle


“look her up and take good care of her!”


“After, she cleaned me up and we laid in each others’ arms and talked and lightly touched each other. Helen is a fantastic person! I can't wait to get back to see her.”


December 2011 – by Triad269_wuz


“I can promise you one thing... Her pictures DO NOT do her justice! She is soooo much more beautiful in person, and don't let her pictures fool you. She is every bit as hot as her pictures are - but X's a million...!”


“Incredibly beautiful... Perfectly taught body... And skills that a hobbyist usually only dreams of...!!!”


“I've seen Helen more than a few times, and truth be told - as long as she's in the Orlando area... She's my first, last, and ONLY provider I will EVER call on in the future...! (YES, she's THAT incredible...!!!)”


“The first time you meet a provider, BOTH of you are a little nervous (due to unfamiliarity, if nothing else.) Helen breaks that down pretty darned quickly with her amazingly charming personality and wit. While it's great to meet a provider that can actually carry a conversation, your eyes can't help but to wander over her incredible body...! When a provider claims a "tight dancer-type body", I'm usually very skeptical. With one glance ANY man can see that this is absolutely NO exaggeration...!”

“Do yourselves a favor boys... Look this sexy little doll up - then you can thank me later ;-}”


“I love it when a woman's "on top", and of course Helen was more than happy to do so. Most providers are obviously wanting you to "get off & get gone", but not Helen...! IF you can hang, this is the lady for your pleasures...”


“Helen truly loves sex. While many other providers are the "just lie there" type, not Helen. She is incredibly passionate, phenomenally skilled, and one of the best lovers I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying...!”


“I've said "Sure, I'd love to see you again..." to many a provider, but honestly, there have been VERY few I would ever consider calling again! Helen is "the exception to the rule" fellas...!”

“Check her reviews yourself... I cannot begin to recommend her highly enough...!!! I see her once a week (at least), and I will for as long as I'm lucky enough to be able to!”


“She's worth a few extra bucks, but if you don't like filet mignon - there's plenty of other providers that charge "hamburger prices", and that's life... (You want the best, spend a few extra bucks...! Trust me!)”


October 2011 – by Bkuyp


“A perfect time with a perfect girl who gives an unrushed performance and atmosphere along with a great personality and skills. Someone you would want to see time and again for a true GFE experience.”


“By far, she was one of the most incredible women I have ever experienced.”


September 2011 – by Pfflyer


“Her outfit was to die for and I could not wait to kiss her… we started a long DFK session”


“Very nice lady that periodically runs specials. Will repeat next time in the Orlando area.”


September 2011 – by Charlie28


“As I walked in the door we embraced in a deep passionate kiss and can she kiss, she offered me a cold beer along with a frosty mug. This girl aims to please, Helen is shy at first for new guys but after she gets to know you she feels more at ease. She has a great personality and is extremely good at pleasing her dates, we have such a good report cause I`ve been seeing her for a year. I`ve finally found the time to write a review, since I`ve found her I see no other provider she is the best.“


“Well guys take care of this gem of a lady and she will take care of you.”


March 2011 – by Jake1962


“She was dressed in the white lingerie from her website per my request and damn did she look fine.”


“I would say she looks better than her pictures represent. She is in great shape and her long legs and fantastic breasts are to die for.”


“The 90 minutes went way too fast and I can't wait to schedule another appointment with her.”


March 2011 – by Av8torteacher


“Helen has an absolutely killer body, and the pics on her web site are spot on. Once we got into the bedroom, off went the clothes, and the action started.”


“Helen is a very nice lady, and I look forward to a repeat with her.”


February 2011 – by Greenparrot


“Smart lady with a sweet personality. Pictures do not do her justice, way prettier in person. And GFE is no exaggeration. Very comfortable incall in a quiet area. Definite repeat.”


“Treat her nice guys, she deserves some breaks in life!”


February 2011 – by Wolfdog1


“Wow, this was my 4th visit with Helen and it just keeps getting better and better! Helen has become my ATF because the quality of her service is far above most providers out there. Helen advertises that a GFE is a certainty with her and believe me she means it. I highly recommend.”


“This was an entire hour of great non stop sex with a beautiful giving lady. Who could ask for more? Guys, don't miss out on this great opportunity.”


December 2010 – by Bdiskreet


“She opened the door and was dressed as I had requested in hot black thigh high boots and lingerie”


“Overall a very good experience and I would recommend Helen if you're in Orlando.”


November 2010 – by Purple7373


“I must say I was quite impressed. She was wearing the blue dress from the photos on her ad. Yes, the one with the big holes on the side. If she was in a bar, she'd turn every man's head in the place! Her body is rock hard with no excess fat at all.“


“I must say that body is what most women can only dream of.” 


“We talked for a few minutes before I left. I got another great hug and kiss as I went out the door. A solid experience. I would recommend Helen to anyone.”


November 2010 – by TampaBob


“Helen and I walked back to her room and I admired her ass from the back. She has a great body. Helen also has a very pretty face with pretty eyes.”


“Overall a good experience.” 


October 2010 – by Watgo


“I had seen her before couple of times and she only works on certain days so it is difficult to see her often but got in contact to her and set some time I new her incall so gave her call when I was two min away she opened the door for me and as soon as I enter she looked great a quick hug and kiss and went in..”


June 2010 – by Orlandoho


“I was very happy to be greeted with a hug from a lady with beautiful eyes and a matching smile. Great GFE and I would definitely repeat.”


May 2010 – by Jr84060


“Great attitude, smokin hot body, super GFE.”


“Very friendly, very hot attitude, and a model's body - no body fat at all, great long legs, nice body art, and the finest tight little ass on the planet.”


“Will definitely repeat - can't wait to see her again”


May 2010 – by lookin4sum1


“I saw a tall short haired cutie with a nice rack. Helen was wearing 5 or 6 inch heels and looked totally hot.” 


“Nice time, would repeat.”


April 2010 – by Nankerpheldge


“For me Helen has the perfect female body.....tall, long legs, round ass, no body fat. Just wish she would have kept her breasts natural. She arrived at my hotel in a classy outfit that accentuated her breasts. She looked like Bo Derek”


“Super lady who I’d see again”


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