I had to put this section on this site because of recent FBI activity using MY Backpage account. Apparently they can post ads using my email. Which just pisses me off so I'm going to OUT THEM HERE as it is my only recourse other than deleting their ads when they post!!!




So it has been brought to my attention that the FBI has been using my Backpage account to post fake ads for porn stars in the cities I've been going to. My friend, who is awesome with a computer, and I had the website traced to a company called Whois Privacy Corp which is privately and federally owned in the US. Yes you guys, it's a government website used to collect your private information thru your credit card. We checked their IP addresses to see what else was going on and the Detroit Senate IP address is hitting that website on an hourly basis checking for information. Your information! 


Here I will list the names of the pornstars they are using to tempt you with. And I will show you the text messages that you will get back from them in the event you decide to text one of them to see if what I'm saying is real. Whatever you do never ever put your credit card into a website you don't know anything about. It all looks legit MSNBC and everything but of course the cops are going to have the news working with them. I can tell you this much, these pornstars charge 100 and 200 if you really think that porn stars are that cheap then you're crazy. It is a law enforcement setup plain and simple. They're not going to charge a high-dollar amount cause they want your information! Cops are always going to be cheap!!! Beware sweet deals!!!


This warning goes out to every one of my clients and to you the consumer, DO NOT fall for this!!!!


Here are the girls ads:


Chicago, DC, Lisa A, 44 yrs old porn star 984-255-0305 in Chicago

979-432-5046 in DC

I also found her in Elko, NV but they didn't use my account for that one.

And today she posted in Boise ID phone number 205-203-0073.


Houston Mia Khalifa Lebanese model actress 23 yrs old 973-359-5480 


Chicago, Alexis Texas, 31 yrs old, porn star 978-674-5704 


As you can tell with Lisa she changes phone numbers by location, thats cause the FBI needs to know where you are calling from so they can focus on that city.


I text Mia at the Houston number first. Here's the conversation:


Me:  I don't appreciate the FBI using my account to post fake ads. I'm just going to keep wasting your coins I will delete the ad as I see it. Get your own account ass wipes.


Mia:  Hey sir how are you???


Mia:  Heya sir how are you?


Me:  Hey FBI how are you? Quit using my account to post fake ads. I'll just keep deleting them.


Mia:  Yes this is actually mia khalifa. I'm on tour currently and only here for a couple days my reservations fill up very fast


Mia:  Yes this is really mia khalifa I'm on tour at the moment and only in town for a couple of days my bookings fill up very quickly


Me:  And you are law enforcement busting guys with fake ads.


Mia:  Yes this is really mia khalifa I'm on tour at the moment and only here for a few days my booking fill up extremely fast


Me:  Your a fake and so are the other girls that keep using my account to post ads


Mia:  Price is 100 for half hour $200 for one hour 400 overnight no negotiations on prices sorry babe


Me:  This is too funny you can't even talk right cuz you can't acknowledge me hahahaha


Mia:  Cost is 100 for half hour $200 for one hour $400 overnight 0 negotiations on prices sorry babe


Mia:  Okay if you are planning on seeing me you have to finish the screening process. Is this your first time providing one?


Me:  Talk to me like a real person and not pretyped messages


Mia:  My screening is found here I'm a pornstar need to be secure and clean. My verification verifies you are over 18 and it also does a sex offender check.


Me:  You're giving me good info for my tell-all book on how the FBI operates regarding this profession. Thanks for the good chapter I'm going to write. This trip is providing gold for my books. Thanks so much!


Mia:  Screening does require a debit card for age confirmation. There is no way around that doll. I am mia khalifa, have to be cautious and protect myself.


Mia:  Screening does required a cc for age confirmation. There's no way around that doll. I am Mia khalifa have to be mindful and protect myself personally.


Me:  Your a trip keep talking


Mia:  After you complete the verification, text me or email me so we can proceed with the reservation. My accessibility is filling quickly.


Mia:  ?


I quit talking to her after a bit.  Here's a conversation with Lisa Ann in Boise today June 21st, very similar texts BE WARNED GUYS!!!!:


Me:  So is this FBI too? Are you someone stealing credit cards. Your some sick fuck. Get off my account get your own!


Lisa:  Hey sir how are you?


Me:  And another computer-generated response. Going to tell me to go to to put in my credit card?Give you my info? Not likely I will out you on my website to warn people.


Lisa:  Don't worry babe your cc is safe on the site check all the security links trust me I had to put mine


Me:  And then why don't you get your own account why use mine???


Lisa:  Yes this is actually Lisa Ann. I'm on tour at the moment and only here for a couple days. My reservations fill up incredibly fast


Me:  Sorry your pics don't match the other Lisa Ann you're a scam or FBI


Lisa:  Yeah this is really listening. I'm on tour currently, and only around for a few days. My booking fill up very quickly


Lisa:  Scam?!?!


Lisa:  My picture in the ad. 100% real. You can watch me live on video right now if you want


Me:  Of course you're real you're FBI


Lisa:  Pricing is $100 for half hour 200 for an hour 400 all night no negotiations sorry handsome


Me:  Stop using my account and quit following me you stupid computer generated response that's how I know you're FBI


Lisa:  Okay if you're planning on seeing me you have to perform a screening process. Is this your very first time providing one?


Me:  Sure tell me so I can write it all out on my website


Lisa:  My verification is found here I'm a pornstar, have to be secure and clean. My screening confirms you are over 18 and it also completes a criminal check.


Me:  Such a scam if you are real you be using your own accounts why steal other people's accounts??


Lisa:  Scam wtf?!?!


Lisa:  Screening does require a credit card for age verification. There is no way around that handsome. I am Lisa Ann, have to be careful and protect myself.


Lisa:  Screening does require a credit card for age verification. There's no way around that hun. I am Lisa Ann, have to be mindful and protect myself personally.


Me:  Computer-generated response equals scam or FBI


Lisa:  Scam WTF?!?!


Me:  You are FBI I'm convinced


Lisa:  After you complete the verification, message me or email me so we can continue with the reservation. My accessibility is filling up fast


Me:  All done


Lisa:  Here's the link for verification again doll. Http:// Let me know when it's complete. I cannot waste time talking back and forth if you are not for real, I'm sorry


Me:  Yeah you just want to bust me. I know you guys are reading these. By the way check out my sites in about an hour cuz I'm about to blast your info all over my websites.


Lisa:  Ok oxx. After verification is finished allow me time to look it over and I will contact you babe. There are a lot of inquiries to see me right now.


Me:  Sure lots of people to bust


Lisa:  Ok oxx. After verification is finished allow me time to look it over and I will contact you babe. There are a lot of queries to see me right now.


Me:  So you guys are serious setup. Michigan office checks the site hourly for what I wonder. Trying to get a lead on my clients? Good luck I warn all my clients about you.


And I got no more responses. So this is my warning to you guys do not let them pull you in on this stupid thing they're doing. I'm not sure what they're doing with your information but do you really want them to have it? Think about it what does Detriot Michigan Senate want with your info????




I want to make it clear to the guys that can’t make it to Nevada or just don’t want to come to a legal brothel, you need to know, the illegal side to this business is not always safe, if you don’t follow the Escort Etiquette and Safety Tips located under Brothel Etiquette on my Etiquette Page, and do your research before you pick up a phone and call the first girl you find online, in a casino, hotel, bar, or on the street corner in your city.


The following are just a few news articles and a few of the stories I’ve heard from clients over the years.


I’ve had countless stories of bait and switch. The girl in the photo is not the girl that shows up. Prices quoted to book an appointment increase upon getting to your room or home, “up-charging” is what it’s called, some girls in casinos, escort agency girls, online escorts, and prostitutes on the street charge higher for entertainment once they get to your room. The initial price was just something for them to show up. Hidden charges. The only way to know what you will get with the girl you call is to research reviews. Honestly guys, if you take the time to research, you’re more likely to have a good time with no surprises.


I had a client call me 3 months after I stopped traveling to his state to inform me of two escorts that were visiting the city and robbing guys enticing men with a Duo offer too good to refuse.  It sounded great, was affordable for a two girl, so he called them without researching (big mistake). So he sets up a meeting and the girls come over to his one bedroom apartment, they come in and the girls start talking and getting to know him. They asked for their fee and he goes into the bedroom to get it. He comes back out and gives the money to one of the girls, she proceeds to distract him while the other one sneaks into the bedroom and takes the rest of his cash. When she comes out she gets a phone call and some emergency pops up and they have to go. They were adamant about keeping the money he gave her just for showing up and their time even though they didn’t do anything. He’s a nice guy so he let them leave. They were there a total of 15 minutes. He later goes into his bedroom and discovers all his money gone. This man did not keep money lightly, they stole a total of $8,100, plus what he gave them. Moral of this story is to beware of sweet deals, do your research, and for Christ’s sake, do not leave wads of cash laying around unsupervised


Girls get reviews. If they are bad reviews, or if they don’t have any, don’t waste your money or your time with them. The problems with bad girls, they change names, phone numbers, and post fake pics, because they know they will get bad reviews. Never see a girl that has less than 10 good and current reviews on a reputable review site. I have them listed on my Etiquette Page.


It goes to show, you may not even be safe with a girl that did you right a few times. Another client of mine in a state I no longer go to called me up after I left to tell me about a girl he met that seemed great at first.  He saw her several times over the course of three weeks and then opted to do an overnight with her. Over the course of a few visits she figured out where he kept his money and car keys.  You see, he was a specialized contractor and had a utility truck with loads of expensive tools and equipment. While he was asleep that night she robbed him blind. She stole over $11,000 in cash and over $30,000 in tools and equipment. Another case of don’t keep valuables laying around, and if you fall asleep while she’s still in your room or house make sure she doesn’t see what you do with your car keys and valuables.


What I don’t understand is why a girl would rob a guy that’s already paying something, especially if he sees her over and over again.  Why take it instead of work for it? I guess there are lazy and bad people everywhere. Like I said, Research, Research, Research.


I just re-tweeted a post on Twitter the other day about a guy that got robbed by a casino escort when she came up to his room, he was bragging about how he just won $12,000 at the tables, afterwards he excused himself to go to the bathroom to shower, while he was occupied, she searched his room, found the money, and left before he came out.  This stuff happens guys! No one is safe unless they do their research. Also, don’t turn your back on strangers!!!!


Statistics are 1 out of every 10 girls you see at a casino, street corner, and online are under cover cops.  Yes, cops post ads too. You must be careful what you say and do or you’ll end up like these people:


60 Arrested In Las Vegas During A Nationwide Sting


A nationwide sting intended to highlight the dangers of illegal prostitution called National Johns Suppression Initiative arrested 34 “johns”, 26 pimps, and the rescue of 36 underage trafficking victims.


Read more:


CA Officer Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution From An Under Cover Vegas Officer


A California police officer on vacation in Las Vegas was charged with soliciting prostitution after a sting involving an undercover Metro cop.


Las Vegas Metro police said the out-of-state officer was held after a conversation with a woman who claimed to be working as a prostitute. The arrest report states the woman was actually an undercover officer with Metro's Vice Bureau.


During his conversation, he asked the woman several times whether she was an officer working undercover as well as whether she knew two other men sitting near them at a bar were also cops. The arrest report states the men were indeed undercover officers.


Citing the out-of-state Officer, the arrest report states the man claimed to be working on the "other end" of the officer's supposed profession. He also asks the officer what kind of sexual acts she's performed, what she's willing to do and where they could engage in the acts.


The document states the out-of-state officer and the undercover officer agreed to go to the woman's apartment for a specific sexual act in exchange for $250 and gas money. The two also made arrangements to meet separately at the woman's car in a parking garage in order to not look "obvious," according to the report.


Police said officers made the arrest on the out-of-state officer after she walked away with money for gas.

Read more:


So you see, even law enforcement officers that know the law make mistakes. He broke all kinds of rules and got himself arrested.  Imagine if you were a celebrity, had an important job, or a reputation to uphold? You don’t want to be caught, right?


The beauty of a legal establishment is that no one knows you are here, so long as you don’t do something to draw unwanted attention to yourself, that is. It’s legal here, so no cops, stings, robbery, or other nasty things that can happen to you in the outside world.


And it’s not just Nevada check out the following links to the arrests happening across the country. Check out the lovely mug shots that go in your local newspaper and on TV:


This is just a few. There are hundreds more news stories out there.  Google “prostitution stings” in “your city” and see what comes up. Stings like this happen everywhere people, all the time!!! No city is safe from investigation!


YOU can be safe though, IF you follow my Etiquette for Escorts located under the Brothel Etiquette section, and then hopefully you won’t get in one of the above situations.


Or better yet, make plans to come to Las Vegas and visit me at Love Ranch Vegas in Crystal, NV!


E-mail me at to discuss your visit here. Or call 775-372-5251 to book an appointment today if you are already in Las Vegas.