Everyone wants to know how much it costs to come here and see me. To that I say, “You have to come here and see me!”  It’s the only legal place to discuss what your burning mind wants to know. And even then it has to be in my room here. I can’t tell you a price in the bar, only in the privacy of the ladies bedroom can prices and services be legally discussed. Crazy right? Silly laws that make what we do legal. And in case you haven’t found them, the law, as it’s written for this legal profession, is on my Nevada Page.


First off, as we are all Independent Contractors here at Love Ranch Vegas, each of us have different prices for length of time and/or activity. The Ranches do hold a certain standard as to how much we should do things for and length of time is considered in that as well. 


For me quoting a price on communication devices, phone, Internet, Direct Message (DM) on FaceBook, Twitter, etc., is considered “solicitation”. My co-worker’s, management, nor anyone else here at the Ranch can not quote a price for me either, cause it would be considered “pimping and pandering”. Frustrating right? Trust me, it’s frustrating for me too.


What I can tell you is, something fast and easy would be in the three-figure range but to be quite honest I don’t like anything fast nor do I like easy, I like long and hard! Don’t you?  I prefer to really get to know the men in my life, spend some quality time and simply just enjoy each other to the fullest extent possible. My hour(s) are in the four-figure range.


You’re not in Las Vegas yet? Still debating on coming to Love Ranch Vegas or another brothel? Don’t know how much to bring with you? Want to save up for a great experience or one of my Specialty Parties?


Here’s a way to safely estimate a ballpark amount. You can e-mail me at and let me know what you are thinking of spending here and I can tell you if you are in the park or if you need to save up a little more.


I can tell you the average illegal escort price won’t get you an escort’s party in a brothel. If that’s your budget you’ll need to lower your expectations on what will be offered or save up for a little while longer. Don’t get me wrong, we can still have a great time for an escort’s price, there are lots of things we can do, and you will still leave a happy man, just maybe not the way you first envisioned it. 


Keep in mind half of what you give me goes straight to the house just for your guarantee of safety in a legal establishment, it has nothing to do with sex. You pay them half because no one will rob you, cops won’t arrest you, no one will beat you up, unless of course, you got a Domination Party from one of my friends here, there is no bait-and-switch here, and last but not least, you won’t end up in the newspaper, so long as you don’t do something silly that is!


We take cash and credit cards here. Credit card statement will read a non-descript company name under their discreet umbrella company. Nobody will ever know you came to a brothel, unless you tell them. And by all means, if you don’t mind, spread the word! But we appreciate secrecy here too!


To book an appointment with me while I’m scheduled to be at Love Ranch Vegas, they require a minimum $100 credit card deposit taken over the phone. For appointments when I’m not scheduled at either of the Ranches but still close by, the Ranch needs a 20% deposit for me to come in specifically for you, so please e-mail me to discuss your appointment at


Then call the Love Ranch at 775-372-5251 to book your party today!