For those of you reading this not located in or around Nevada, make sure you read below for Escort Etiquette for safety in your city, if that’s the route you are going.




Know the law: The law for brothels for communication with a legal brothel worker is that we are not allowed to discuss prices over the phone, text or Internet. You can talk about sex, but you cannot put a price tag on sex via any communication devices, only in person in the girl’s room at a legal brothel.


You CAN discuss my availability and the party specifics in detail, you can e-mail me at or call Love Ranch South to book an appointment with me at 775-372-5251.


Legal brothel workers are independent contractors, meaning they set their own schedules, prices and services.  Most girls set their price based on specific acts, length of time, or both. Each girl varies on what they offer and their prices for certain activities, and in some brothels, certain acts are not allowed based on county laws, so depending on what county you are in, some services you may not be able to get. Most brothels do not allow ANY exchange of bodily fluids, meaning, no kissing (Don’t get me wrong, some girls will, if you negotiate it into the party, I’m just not one of them), and everything else is covered, condoms and dental dams (no exceptions), including oral for both her and you. This is how the girls stay safe from diseases and are able to continue working legally. 


After years of throwing caution to the wind, I've decided to practice this in my life as well, because, you've got to admit, it's the safest way to be with people you've just met. It is also in your best interest to do so with any provider you see. The girls are tested weekly for standard STD's and monthly, for AIDS and Hepatitis A, B, and C since it is blood work. If you want to know more on what you can catch from the exchange of bodily fluid and why you should be more safety conscious visit the following two links: 




Sexual Health


(After clicking the above link, click the link on the page that says + STD’s & Other Infections to browse the many forms of disease that can be transmitted sexually)


As stated above, they are NOT allowed to discuss prices via phone, text, or e-mails. These things can ONLY be discussed in the privacy of the girl’s bedroom or a negotiation room AT the brothel. It is not legal to discuss these things via phone, text, or e-mail because it considered solicitation, you or the girl can be arrested for it. And nobody wants to get in trouble, right?


Curious about why the Ladies prices are higher at a brothel than an escort on the Internet? Remember that you are paying for the safety and experience of a legal, fun time, in a historical place.


For one, it is a legal establishment, the safest place to buy sexual services. Brothels can only be found in Nevada, no where else in the U.S. can you pay for sex legally.


And second, you do not have to worry about law enforcement, pimps, catching diseases, or God forbid, getting robbed or injured, which does unfortunately happen to some unsuspecting people. See my News Page.


At least in a legal brothel you get what you pay for without any hassle and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Just remember, the more you pay the better you play!


Major reason why our prices are double or more than what you find elsewhere on the Internet with VIP Escorts in major cities:


The House Cut:


The House takes 50% of everything we earn when we book a party, including tips and gifts. Essentially you are paying half to the house to see the girl in a legal establishment and the other half the girl receives.


So a $10,000.00 party pays $5000.00 – a $2000.00 party pays $1000.00 – a $1000.00 party only pays $500.00 – and a $500.00 party pays only $250.00 and so on. You get the point!


And after the below additional expenses, we don’t even make half of what you pay.


If you are looking to be a Legal Brothel Worker or are a customer just curious of our expenses to be legal for your pleasure, read below to get an understanding about the fees (after the house takes 50%), prices vary at other brothels and counties/cities:


Weekly Doctor = $60-$130.00 every week you work (varies per House Doctor and/or clinic you have to go to)


Rent = $20-$50.00 a day (varies per brothel) (Keep in mind we also have mortgages/rent//bills at home)


Sheriff’s card = $80-$125.00 (every 3 months to a year) (varies per city/county) (permanent record for background checks)


Business License in Nevada = $200.00 (yearly statewide)


Transportation = $50-$200.00 (to drive us round trip) (varies per brothel)


Taxes = we pay them out of our pocket, same as most businesses, because we are legal, we get 1099's at the end of each year.


For example, if I am at Love Ranch Vegas working for a total of 20 days and come here two times a month I would be paying $1145.00 in fees alone for 2 trips a month. (Sheriff’s card, Doctors fees and transport, 20 days of rent, & transportation to get back and forth from ranch to home, even though I live in Vegas I pay for transport). That doesn't include money for things like condoms, lube, outfits, stockings, toys, hair, nails, other beauty upkeep, etc., it can get up to $1500-$2000 a month. The upkeep to make sure we look good for you and other things to help make your fantasy come true. We make sure it seems easy financially for us but really its not cheap.


And don’t forget, we have bills and rent/mortgages outside the ranches at our homes wherever we come from.


So all we ask is be good to us and we’ll be VERY good to you! Be sweet, clean and considerate and most all ladies will work with your budget.


My Most Important Rule:


Take care of me and I’ll take the best care of you!  I'll make sure you are the happiest man alive and will have a lasting memory to treasure for a long time!


So that’s the price of being a legal brothel worker in Nevada!  If you are a girl looking to become a legal brothel worker, most brothels have websites with an online application process, it's not that hard really, but brothels are selective, you’ll need to have a unique look or offer a specific specialty, fetishes, etc. Once you get a sheriffs card as a legal prostitute, it will be on your permanent record for background checks, and if you try to work somewhere else and they run one, some places may not hire you because of that, so make sure this is really something you want to do with your career. Good luck!



For those of you that can’t make it to a legal establishment and choose to see an Escort in your city, please read this whole site wherever it pertains to Escorts. At the very least, read the following and follow my instructions to get a safe and satisfying experience in whatever city you are located in! Good Luck!




Know The Law:  Escorts get paid for their time. Escorts are only allowed to discuss an amount of time for money.


Talking about sex acts for money = Misdemeanor.


So it goes without saying that talking, texting, or e-mailing sexual comments, X-Rated pictures, slang, insinuating comments, innuendos, and cutesy terms, if corresponding with an Escort, is considered illegal. It goes unsaid that you will be paying said Escort for her time upon meeting her. So you don't even have to discuss money to break the law.


It is only legal to pay an escort for their time and companionship. What happens between you two after some time together is up to the two of you and the details should never be discussed beforehand! Be smart, stay safe and have fun!


It is not illegal to be an escort. It is, however, illegal if the escort is selling sex. Escorts are typically arm candy, companionship, dinner companions, and event companions. They are for the purpose of what the name entails:



World English Dictionary



— n


one or more persons, soldiers, vehicles, etc, accompanying another or others

for protection, guidance,restraint, or as a mark of honour


a man or youth who accompanies a woman or girl: he was her escort 

for the evening


a. a person, esp a young woman, who may be hired to accompany another 

for entertainment, etc


b. ( as modifier ): an escort agency


— vb


tr ) to accompany or attend as an escort


This section is for new and old hobbyists that just don't seem to understand the law. If you fail to follow these first few suggestions you may get yourself in a lot of trouble. For more info on why this page is so important read the News Page.


I present to you some simple suggestions to make your date with an escort possible, easy to schedule, all that it can be and more. In order to enjoy the services of any Escort, you need to learn how to discuss their services correctly. While some of those reading this might be well versed in chatting up Escorts this list is more for the novice client who has little to no clue of how to go about it, and also for some that think they have been safe but may actually not know the proper way to communicate. Unfortunately, undercover law enforcement poses as escorts in order to bust hobbyists (especially on


These suggestions could also be considered a helpful guide for those up and coming Escorts that can’t work in a legal brothel, who need a few guidelines to get started, as well as the know how to stay out of trouble. As such, there are a few things we all need to understand. So let's get started...


1. Escorts DO NOT sell sex. (While some people often confuse Escorts and Prostitutes the big difference is simple. Escorts sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Escort is up to two or more consenting adults who possess similar likes and interests. It's that simple.)


2. Because of what was mentioned in one (1.) you will discover Escorts DO NOT talk to clients about sex between yourself and themselves at all, in any form or manner. Don't even hint at an act, mention fetishes, use abbreviations or elude to a topic. This is just as inappropriate as you if were setting up a traditional date. The reason is as mentioned above. They are selling their time. To avoid delays in communicating with an Escort keep the discussion light and fun. 


3. This is a biggy! NEVER associate a sex act with a fee or rate $$. Escorts are not prostitutes. The only people on the planet who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an Escort work for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Making this fee/act association will end a conversation with an Escort immediately and once again everybody loses. Avoid this mistake at all costs and you will have a great new friend a phone call away.


4. When first contacting an Escort, be sure to supply as much information you feel comfortable providing; including your first name, your age, your height, your weight, a general location, interests, etc. Escorts are going to learn all of this information anyway so why not get started on the right foot, plus it makes the whole process run a lot smoother and faster. Something to avoid is sending E-mail with lewd, crude wishes and wants. These usually get ignored and it halts communication. Not to mention, if you are a client unknowingly communicating with an undercover law enforcement officer, can get you in a lot of trouble. Not good.


5. Always pay the agreed upon monies/fees mentioned on the Escorts Rates page within the first 5 minutes of the date. NEVER make the Escort ask for money and DO NOT mention money during the date, as that may result in immediate termination of the date. They are providing a service after all. When hiring an Escort for a week or more always pay half up front. This will put you high on the Escorts client list and you'll get immediate attention in the future.


6. When you first meet up with your Escort be sure to leave the agreed monies/fees on the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. always in plain view. It's best to place the monies/fees inside a Birthday card or Thank You card, or at the very least an unsealed envelope. Expect the Escort to count it (wouldn't you if your positions were reversed?). You should never make her ask for the money, and never hand it to her directly.


7. Have your ID available for the Escort to inspect. If you don't trust your Escort enough to see your ID then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. If an Escort cannot determine that you are not a form of oppressive puritan society then they cannot visit with you because they take a chance on meeting an undesirable client, a member of some kind of harassing government agency or a client who might mean them harm. In the event you are staying at a hotel EXPECT the Escort to call the front desk to confirm you are a registered guest and in the room number you provided before they ever show up. This will require you providing your full name, which will be compared against your ID. This is for safety reasons.


8. Expect the Escort to have told a trusted friend where they were going, for how long and with whom including details. Expect this trusted friend to have your contact information, e-mail address, cell number and even your hotel/house number as the information keeps flowing up until they arrive at your door. They will likely call someone they trust once they've established a rapport. Escorts have friends too and to stay safe they keep the most trusted well, well informed.


9. Whether your first meeting with your Escort is in a hotel room or home, EXPECT the Escort to go immediately to the bathroom, or take a quick tour of your home to make sure there are no additional "guests", cameras or microphones. Do not be alarmed by this. Sometimes clients surprise Escorts by bringing a friend or friends along without warning. Never a good idea!! This can annoy or even scare your Escort and will destroy the mood. Upon finding no unexpected guests, cameras, or microphones you can then EXPECT the Escort to then lock all of the doors in the room including sliding glass doors and doors to joint/adjoining rooms. The time you have purchased is for you alone. With all the doors locked the Escort will have a much easier time concentrating on you and you on them.


10. Only offer beverages to your Escort that are sealed in bottles or cans. You could also expect your Escort to supply their own beverages for their own use. No Escort wants to get dosed with any kind of drug, or have to worry about it, so to avoid this it's a great idea to follow the sealed bottle/can rule. If an Escort does accept a beverage from you EXPECT them to drink it fast or not to put the container down until it's finished due to the above reasons. Once trust is established or you're a repeat client this will not be such an issue.


11. This one is easy and common sense. DO NOT treat the Escort like an item/object. They are human beings, just like you and me, making their time available to you as eye candy on your arm, a dinner guest, a travel companion, a drinking buddy or what have you. Treat your Escort as you would have someone treat you and you're likely to make a life long friend and have a hell of a lot more fun. The only time this doesn't apply is in role playing exercises providing it's consensual.


12. EXPECT your Escort to treat you professionally. They see you as a client and soon to be friend. They do not view you as their boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are looking for a relationship/romance then stick with a girlfriend/boyfriend and leave the Escorts to their 'friends' who enjoy their services.


13. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OUR TIME. If you cannot make your appointment time, please take two seconds and send her a quick "I can't make it." text, e-mail, or phone call. The Escort blocks out an hour or more of her day to spend with you when you book an appointment. Therefore, she is turning other potential clients down for that particular time, some can book another time, others may not be able to, therefore she loses that opportunity. If you don't let her know, you're not only wasting her time, but also costing her potential money. It's just common courtesy to let her know you can't make it.


14. Lastly, always tip your Escort, even if it's a minor amount. Everyone likes to be told they are doing a great job and this gesture, if even $10, makes a world of difference.


Play Safe, Be Smart, and Stay Safe


The following basic privacy and screening tips are for new and old hobbyists alike that see Escorts outside of a legal establishment. I believe all hobbyists would benefit from these pointers to keep themselves on the down low from wives, girlfriends, or Law Enforcement, as well as safe from the bad elements (rip-offs/scams/bait-n-switch) that can be found on BackPage and other low-end sites. It's important to know about the law and how to keep yourself out of jail, as well as how to have a great appointment.


Whether you do this just once in your lifetime, or you make a hobby of it, DON'T RUSH IT. I know the mood hits you and you want to find that special girl right now! However, jumping the gun and just calling all the pretty faces and asking inappropriate questions can get you in a lot of trouble. Be smart about it. You are quite possibly looking for a future friend and confidante in an Escort, so wouldn't you want to make sure she's the right one for you?


1. Escorts have assumed names, why shouldn't you? If you choose to do this, when contacting an escort, you will need to provide your legal name for her security purposes for her screening, BUT after your appointment, make sure she only keeps your assumed name for her records if she keeps records. Most escorts will require seeing an ID upon meeting initially to confirm who you are so they will know your true identity regardless. But for your safety make sure she only keeps your assumed name for her records. This will keep you safe in case the escort calls and your wife or girlfriend picks up the phone. The escort asking for the wrong name will deter unnecessary questions. If you remember, let the escort know not to ever text or call you first, that way she doesn't disrupt your life on accident.


2. Purchase a pay-as-you-go phone to use in the hobby. (Boost, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, or any other that provides pre-paid minutes). These types of phones do not require a contract or name and are relatively cheap. Keep this phone in a secure location away from wives, girlfriends, or co-workers. If you choose to use your real phone and keep the escorts name, either put a lock screen on your phone and don't let anyone have the password, or be sure to delete texts and call history if your phone is easy to access by your wife/girlfriend, kids, or co-workers.


3. Create a new e-mail address to use for the hobby. G-mail is a great free e-mail site that provides added protection from hackers. Some escorts send updates on new websites, specials, or traveling dates to their clients so keep an eye on your inbox and spam folder (sometimes their e-mails go to spam because it's usually mass mail) for stuff like that. 


4. If you have to use your personal phone cause you can't or don't want to have an extra phone, then save the escorts name in your phone as a man’s name that's easy for you to remember. Delete any and all text messages! And if you bought the extra phone, don't leave it laying around for other people to find.


5. When surfing the net at home or on laptop for an escort make sure to clear your search history, delete cookies, and website history. Be smart with your computer and cover your tracks.


6. Join a review site. The Erotic Review or Naughty Reviews to name a couple that I'm listed on (See Reviews Page). They cost a little bit (free to an extent if you join it can be up to $50/month) but will, in the long run, save you money, keep you safer, and you won't waste your time or your money with the wrong girl. This keeps you safer because by reading about the Escort, you will not have to ask a stranger any personal questions prior to meeting. Therefore you don't break any laws.


7. When scanning ads no matter what website you use looking for Escorts, you should ALWAYS look for reviews. It’s simple, Google the phone number, e-mail address, or her name along with the words, "escort" and "your city name".  Does The Erotic Review or Naughty Reviews pop up with her profile?  Does she even have any reviews? Are they good, bad, or YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)? How many does she have? Ten or more, then it’s good enough to get an idea if she's legit or not, less than 10 - YMMV. Are they recent (within 6 months)? Is she on any other advertising sites or is she just on one ad site? Does she have a website? Most Escorts with websites are the real deal, but they are far and few between, you should always still check reviews!


8. REMEMBER: If the Escort you are trying to see breaks the law in phone conversation, text or e-mail DO NOT go pay her money!!! She is likely Law Enforcement trying to trap you. Use your judgement but please be safe!


Using the above tips will keep you relatively safe for your hobbying life. Well, there you have it. I promise you if you follow these simple suggestions you will never have a problem contacting an Escort, setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these simple suggestions are golden. Do yourself and the Escort a favor and play nice.


And when you make it to Nevada check out a Legal Establishment like Love Ranch Vegas.