About Me

I'm Russian-American, mature, 5'7" tall, 135 lbs., 36C-26-36, tight, toned dancer's body, and very snug where it counts! I was born in New York shortly after my parents immigrated to America from Moscow, Russia. I was raised all over, from New York to California to the majority of my earlier life in a small town in Oklahoma. When I was 20 I left Oklahoma and moved to Orlando, FL. Over the course of 18 years I lived all over central Florida, Chicago, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and ending back in Orlando. In May 2014 I moved to Vegas to be closer to the brothel. However in August 2016 I moved to Butte, MT and now travel for work.


I'm very easy to get to know and I get along with all ages. I'm great at putting you at ease, fun and energetic, very talented and enjoy every minute of the time I spend with you! You will experience that when we meet, I assure you!


I'm like a girlfriend in every sense of the word, but physically safe. I love making new friends and I consider all my clients close friends. Even throughout my personal life, my closest friends have been men. I don't know why it is but men just fascinate me! I'm a great keeper of secrets, and have kept many over the years. I'm great with first timers and the experienced alike. I'm like no other companion you will ever meet. I'm very unique! I’d love a long get together so we can get to know each other and not feel rushed.


In my off time I enjoy traveling, fine dining, going to the movies (Action, comedy, romance, in that order. I'm not much of a drama and westerns girl, sorry guys), reading, I read a lot (Vampires, Were-animals, and Fairies, oh my!), going to plays, musicals, the theatre or concerts/shows, going to the beach, and let’s not forget water parks and theme parks with roller coasters. My favorite color is blue, and I'm an animal lover too!  


Want to get to know more about me? I'm an open book and have had an interesting life, so ask me anything you want to know at Sharinmoore@loveranch.net. Or book an appointment with me and get to know me more in person. Call Love Ranch Vegas at 775-372-5251.